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If you haven't seen Jurassic World, watch it! It's a really fun movie, as long as you don't take it too seriously. If you're worried about spoilers, I'm just going into the general synopsis that doesn't spoil much. But if you are REALLY worried about spoilers, than feel free to stop reading and order your ticket for Jurassic World.

The Theory

While I was watching Jurassic World, I always had this thought running through my head. It was sort of bothering me and it kind of unravelled the entire premise for the film. The theory I have in mind is that Jurassic World in reality is one big meta-film. Basically, the plot of the film is literally the existence of the film. It might take some explaining so give me a minute.

The year was 1993, Steven Spielberg had just released the film Jurassic Park. It was one of the very first films to feature Computer Generated Imagery for special effects. This left movie goers in awe at the realistic visuals of the dinosaurs in the film.

This success demanded for sequels. After two other films, it was clear that they were not holding up to the original. The fan-base died down and soon enough, Jurassic Park was no more than history.

14 years later, we saw the release of a brand new Jurassic Park film titled Jurassic World. It offered brand new ideas like a genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur as the villain, loyal raptor hound dogs and break-out star Chris Pratt. The film was bigger and better and was bringing in a big audience. Sound familiar? No? Well let's talk about the premise of Jurassic World.

Jurassic World has been open for several years now. At the start, people found real-life dinosaurs amazing. They couldn't stop watching them. Unfortunately, after years of business, less and less people were interested in seeing dinosaurs. Jurassic World's business was running low.

To boost sails, the Jurassic World genetics lab engineered a dinosaur hybrid that was bigger and better than anything the park was currently offering. This new asset saw a boom in admission. Everything seemed so well, until the hybrid got out and kick-started the plot of Jurassic World.

As you can see, the opening of the Jurassic World park represents the release of the Jurassic Park film, the decrease in interest of dinosaurs is the 2nd and 3rd film with the reveal of the hybrid Indominus Rex represents Jurassic World. So the Jurassic World film's premise is based upon the Jurassic Park film franchise.

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