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Riding on the coattails of 'The Matrix' was always going to be a tough order. The Wachowskis never seemed fully up to it, bar very few moments of brilliance. Throw back to 'Speed Racer' and 'Jupiter Ascending'; and it feels like they've used up their creative energies as they lacked a certain degree of freshness and originality. 'Sense8' however piqued my interest as (J. Michael Straczynski) JMS was also a co-creator. I've been a fan of his 'Thor' books at Marvel as well as his 'Superman: Earth-One' comics at DC. In fact, I've loved a lot of his written material as well as his stuff on-screen such as 'Ninja Assassin'. He's gotten more simplistic and straightforward over the years but 'Sense8' struck me as a concept fit for Image Comics. Ergo my rush to check the series out. Sadly, what emerged at first as a very unique and provocative idea, quickly becomes muddled in a preachy vein of storytelling and a narrative that's too convoluted with payoffs taking too long to hit the audience.

Cast of 'Sense8' []
Cast of 'Sense8' []

The cast and overall episodic dialogue meander so much and feel elementary at times. The plot, interwoven in a way that tries to be too intricate at times, works against itself and feels uninspiring. Don't get me wrong, the science and mysticism behind the telepathic/bio-organic nature of 'Sense8' isn't a bad angle at all, but feels like there are a lot of holes and kinks (especially with the cast performance) that need to be plugged. As expected, several tones with respect to religion, sexuality and relationships/family crop up, but once again, the siblings find their cinematic stories all over the place (ironic, given the span and scope of this global tale) with a lack of cohesion that leaves you wondering if you really want to check out the next chapter. The pilot's really guilty of this and doesn't set a fire at all. The subsequent episodes end up feeling mediocre at best as stories and individuals from all over the world tie in due to their visionary linkage set in stone in the onset. It feels a tad like 'Heroes' with some 'Minority Report' here and there but what stuns me is the sense of bore that you'd never come to expect from NetFlix. I had high hopes for this one but to say they fell flat on their face would be quite generous.

The Wachowskis seem to have found a formula that's all style...but how much substance they add up for debate. Right now, they're anything but 'Sense8tional'...


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