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I'm just a kid from Boston. Love superheroes, Star Wars, Supernatural, Harry Potter, and movies.

I, like many kids from the 2000s, are growing up in the renaissance of YA books and movies. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and yes. Even Twilight.

But more often than not, a favorite book series of mine is constantly overlooked due to a horrible, horrible movie series is our very own Percy Jackson.

While, yes, the movies are horrible, I think Percy needs more light than anything those godawful movies gave him.

Oh dear lord. I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

Yes, the movies were awful, but the books are amazing, and debatably the best YA series ever.

Sorry, Harry.

Anyways, here are the top 3 reasons Percy Jackson needs a reboot.

3.) It's got a LOT of detail and a thick plot

Contrary to popular belief, the Lighting Thief book was fantastic. But everyone saw the movie and assumed it was just as bad. But that's not true at all.

Percy Jackson is a fantastic series. One of the reasons the movies were so bad was because there's too much story in the books to fit into a movie.

So when I say reboot, I mean as a TV show. Don't get me wrong, seeing Percy done right on the big screen is a dream of mine. But it can't be done without writers studios would be willing to put on such a risky movie, considering the fist two were such flops.

So if we want Percy done right, then I think our best option would be as a TV show. Networks like NBC, CBS, the CW, and if Scream succeeds, then maybe MTV would be perfect for Percy. Maybe even Netflix could have the son of Poseidon on their network, provided they make it light hearted like a marvel movie and not dark and grittylike their Daredevil show.

2.) It's a series both boys and girls can enjoy

Right now, YA movies are generally marketed towards teenage girls. The last YA movie marketed towards both genders was Harry Potter, and now that that's done, we're getting a constant barrage of love triangles and toned-down drama.

Percy Jackon and the Olympians doesn't even kind of focus on romance. Yes, Percy does have a girlfriend or two, but the characters aren't just there specifically for romance. They have an actual purpose that isn't just "be cute for Percy." In fact, if anyone told Percy Jackson's girlfriend, Annabeth, to be cute for Percy, there is no way they walk away with their life.

In fact, in the spinoff series "Heroes of Olympus," there's a character (Piper) who's the daughter of Aphrodite who actually contradicts all YA female stereotypes by being a character to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and to work hard to be taken seriously. Her character is great.

In regards to the Percy Jackson movie, introducing the romance between Percy and Annabeth was its fatal flaw. They tried to fit it into their YA movie formula, which is killer on so many movies with so much more potential. Katniss in the books is a strong, independent character who anyone can relate to. But, because Hollywood has to format all YA movies the same, we got a whiny girl with relationship problems.

So, if the network sticks to the source material, Not having too much romance could bode well for them to have a gender neutral YA show.

1.) The message behind them is beautiful

Not many people know it, but the books were written by Rick Riordan with the purpose of getting his son (who suffers from AD/HD and dyslexia) into books. He never wanted them publicized, but his son insisted and they became a hit.

Kids with AD/HD have a tough time in childhood, they grow up being taught how different they are. They can't control their actions as easily as the average person. They're unintentionally taught that they'll be dangerous to others and that they have to be careful, or they'll hurt others.

At the same time, kids with dyslexia have trouble reading and writing. Sometimes the words seem to float right off the page and dance around. From birth, they'll feel stupid and worthless, and that they'll never be able to learn like the other kids in their class.

Percy Jackson had all of these problems, often getting into fights with his classmates and failing his classes due to his hyperactivity and dyslexia.

But when he saves the world from the evil Kronos, that means that Percy can be a hero to the average person. But to those with AD/HD and dyslexia, it means something else entirely. It teaches those kids that no matter what problems you face or no matter what you go through, you can be a hero.

And out of all the reasons to make a show that anyone can enjoy, why not make a show to inspire kids and teach them that anyone can be a hero?


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