ByHolley Krollig, writer at

So I understand that the whole "girls can't play video games" bullshit going around for a while, but can I just say, I've met better gamers that are females, then ones that are males.

Ironic right?

Most guys would just say that they "let her win because she's a girl" most of the time its probably true that they just let them win, but most of the time as well the girl actually wins, legitimately.

Guys would probably say that video games are for guys because it was invented by Ralph Baer, just because it's man that invented it, doesn't mean its invited to one sex only.

Nothing in this world is gender selected, no matter if shops say it's for females, males can still wear it, or it says it's for males, females can also still wear it. (But, lets me serious females will wear guy clothes matter what, I mean where else are you going to wear to bed?)

If you look around YouTube there is a lot of female gamers, e.g ihascupquake, LDshadowlady and so on (btw check them both out) no matter if they only really play minecraft or mainly stream games, if she likes games, then she's god dam allowed to.

Then there's just the bitches that ruin it.


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