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Production on Marvel's live action adaptation of Doctor Strange is moving forward. And reports have already confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will portray the titular hero while Tilda Swinton was reported to portray the Ancient One. Over a few months ago, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor was reported to be in Doctor Strange. Unfortunately, his character has remained a mystery until now.

Ejiofor is reported to play Dr. Strange's arch villain Baron Mordo. Now I assumed that Baron Mordo would be in the movie, but reports are saying that this version of the character may not be evil. I sure hope that Mordo is the main villain of the film with Mordo's boss Dormammu as the behind the scenes villain like Thanos is for the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was hoping that Marvel would select a really experienced actor who has played a villain before such as either Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter) or Javier Bardem (Skyfall). But I am glad that they are putting Baron Mordo in the film overall. I'm just not sure how Ejiofor will do the character. Maybe he will be a good-guy turned bad guy or something like that.

According to the comic source material, Mordo is a Transylvanian nobleman who is an apprentice to Dr. Strange's mentor The Ancient One. But he later on becomes enemies with Strange. On the movie side, according to Marvel Studios, Mordo is said to be a amalgamation of several characters from the Doctor Strange comic book lore.

So what are your thoughts on Baron Mordo? Will he be the main villain of Doctor Strange? Leave your thoughts down below.


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