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Lizzie Zoe Kavanagh

Morrissey is a singer/songwriter and he would be good as this role because Morrissey has a great accent and when it come to running away from fans or chasing baddies, he will do that.

I mean, Chris Evens done a good Cap America but Morrissey would be better as he can pronounce all the long words, run fast, he is very athletic for an older man. Morrissey can even run faster than Cap. in any movie.

Morrissey is talented in all ways possible. He can sing, act, dance, run, box, and even make ladies swoon at any time just by singing a few of his songs. Now, Morrissey is a non-meat eater so this is why he would be perfect as he can run for a while without breaking a sweat.

So, please comment your views on what you think about this and if you agree or disagree. I am just saying that Morrissey would be a good choice and that he is excellent at what he does.

(Sorry it is so short, writers block hit me. So this is all I could think of)


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