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Baldwin Collins

I am a great fan of dwayne the rock johnson, but frankly it's not everything he work's on i like. However in the future i will write about movies that i believe he would be perfect in, for remakes. In my opinion, i really cant see him nailing the character, jack burton who kurt russell made popular years ago. according to johnson he would love to see, director john carpenter come on board for this possible project. but media reports claim that, according to carpenter he hadn't been contacted yet. he also says he knows only what he reads in the papers. However the history of the original classic states that, it was a commercial failure, grossing eleven . one million dollars in north america below it's estimated twenty million dollar budget. The movie starred kurt russell kim cattrall dennis dun and james hong. directed by john carpenter in (1986) today the movie has a world wide cult following, and considered by fans as a film classic.

IF you agree or disagree for a reboot movie, let me hear you're feed back


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