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Personally myself, I don't like the new fantastic four cast and I know there going for the ultimate version of the four I don't think it's a good idea to make them younger and having a darker Nolan-Esque tone. So I'm making my own cast of the fantastic four and why they should play them.

1. Adrien Brody as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

While I do like Miles Teller but I don't really see him as Reed Richards, Adrien Brody was always my first choice playing Mr Fantastic. Ioan Gruffudd was okay as Mr Fantastic, but I always pictured Brody as the role than Gruffudd. He have the look the charisma and boyish charm of Mr Fantastic. Strech away Brody.

2. Charlize Theron as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman

The problem with the original films and the reboot is that they don't have the perfect Sue Storm, Jessica Alba was terribly miscast and while Kate Mara might be good choice, but nothing about her screams The Invisible Woman. So Charlize Theron is always my number one choice to play the Invisible Woman, she's a much better actress than Alba and Mara, she's really attractive and have that Intelligent Strong Woman felling in every film I see her in. Mara is okay but I take her over Alba any day.

3. Zac Efron as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

I'm not a racist person and I like Michael B. Jordan as an actor but I don't think it's the right choice to make The Human Torch African American. Zac Efron is an equally talented as MBJ, while he won't be everybody's first choice but I've followed his career since High School Musical and boy he's gotten better over the years, so better that he can play Marvel's flaming hothead. I loved Chris Evans as The Human Torch him and Chiklis were one of the best thing about the original films. Efron have the look, humor and personality of Johnny Storm. Flame On!

4. Adam Baldwin as Ben Grimm/The Thing

The Thing is one of my all time favorite Comic Book Characters, but Jamie Bell as The Thing is not on my list, Adam Baldwin is the perfect choice to play The Thing, Michael Chiklis was great as The Thing and the best actor in those two films alongside with Evans. Adam just give me that vibe that he can really knock it out of the park to play the blue eyed orange rock creature The Thing. Adam is awesome and so is he. It's Clobberin Time!

5. Wayne Knight as The Moleman

We need a Fantastic Four were the villain is not Dr Doom for the 200th time and The MoleMan is the villain that most fans want to see and Wayne Knight A.K.A Newman perfect choice to play him. I don't know much about Moleman but what I do know that he look alot like Wayne Knight.

So that's my Fancastic Four hope the reboot will be better than I expect, but I have no hope for it. Hope some of you guys agree with this fancast if not don't care.


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