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Chris Pratt signed on for more sequels. It started to make me think that are possible stories that would be laying out.

If many of you have not seen this movie, DO NOT READ!!!!






1. Exinction attemptions

Chris Pratt's character is Raptor Trainer and he became close to them like his pet. As meaning, He possible support Raptors,T Rex, and mososaur who saved him and his group. Think it as dinosaur version of wildlife support. He probably against destroying dinosaurs.

2.It is really up to them to bring back original cast with Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant

They would be not happy with how Ingen runs the attractions. They might have something to say either cameo or lead either way. The real question is What do they think of what happening in Jurassic World and the disaster including Owen grady's supporting Raptor and Claire freed T-Rex from first movie. It is possible to bring back all the cast from previous movie together and they fight against having them around. It is possible after they went through their experience by being chased by dinosaurs. It as meaning Chris Pratt and his people vs Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant. It can go both ways by have against each other or help each other through situation with dinosaurs.

3. Chris Pratt come up with better way to communicate with raptor

Remember Jurassic Park 3 when Billy came up with raptor call and Alan Grant use it to communicate with Raptor in the end of the movie. Chris Pratt's character can able to come up with that or have Alan grant cameo and give that to him if Alan Grant is impressed with how he does in Jurassic World. Maybe Alan Grant can do more than cameo, he can observe Owen Grady's action toward raptor and explain how he work with Raptor.

4. Dr.Henry Wu escape the island

He might come up with another one of beast that he could come up for his deal that he was promised by Hoskins. He could become like villain of the series when he think he is not. He wanted to help succeed Hammond's dream for Jurassic Park/World. The real question is what is he going to do next? create another hybrid or buy another attraction in United States or other things that he have in his sleeve that we don't know about.

5. Revisit to the old park from first movie

Have Chris and Claire remodel it and clean up the mess and connect it with Jurassic World. They both know both of them already a mess and figure how to deal with both of them.

bonus- semi fast and the furious styled with new story

Have Alan Grant,Ian Malcolm, Lex, Tim, Nick, Sarah, Kelly, Eric, and Billy return,if they can, either against Owen Grady and Claire's action from Jurassic world or support them could go both ways. Have their reaction toward the disaster in Jurassic World and give better advice depend on their experience and how their is different from what Owen and Claire went through.

Sound off below as your prediction what happen next with the story.


What happens next?


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