ByAlana Bossie, writer at

I'm speficially talking about Walter junior. If you've ever watched 'switch at birth' a fimilar looking character is seen. And we as the audience are expected to believe he can afford this rather expensive car. My own personal theory; he is the son of Walter, and this series takes place after breaking bad. After Walter tells the couple to give his children money any way possible, what if they followed through. And we see that in 'switched at birth.' Walter junior, as we know, is fond of changing his name and identity. it wouldn't be that surprising if he did it again. For the news of Walter White must of spread, and he didn't want to be connected to that past. The new Flinn, is a snowboarder, with lots of friends and a good job and two girls who are interested in him. But then again it's just a theory.


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