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First of all I understand that this post will not be agreed with by all Marvel Fans so please no hateful comments for the fans who do...

Scarlett Johansson has played the role of master assassin Black Widow since 2010's Iron Man 2. Since then, we've seen her make appearances in The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

However, since her first appearance back in 2010 there hasn't even been rumours of a Black Widow solo movie. Like groups of other Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, I think this is unfair because we all know Black Widow is totally bad ass, which we saw in Captain America The Winter Solider (and the rest).

I agree that if Black Widow was given a stand alone adventure it would have to be an origin story as it is unlikely that they would just jump into a new film without any proper background story. The other option could be a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie where they show past missions together like the often-referenced adventure in Budapest. There are quite a few who like to know what happened on that mission after hearing Widow and Hawk joke over back in 2012's The Avengers.

Black Widow in 2012s The Avengers.
Black Widow in 2012s The Avengers.

Scarlett Johansson is an extremely good actress and each time she comes back to play Black Widow she does better then the last time. So why shouldn't she have her own movie? Yes, people are saying it wouldn't be a hit but how do we know? Yes, it could fail but it could also succeed massively! Marvel has been full of risks. Some have failed but many have succeeded so why shouldn't they give 1 of there biggest female characters a stand alone movie? It would most likely be a hit because their are quite a few Marvel Fans out backing this.

So, for the fans that do want to see a Black Widow stand alone movie, I am suggesting this...we share an image of Black Widow with or just share this post. People will comment negatively but it is unfair how the only female solo film we're getting is Captain Marvel. Marvel have tonnes of amazing female characters and they just aren't using them for stand alone movies and its unfair.


Do you want to see a Black Widow Stand Alone?


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