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So there is another REMAKE of Halloween movie franchise. Not sure how I feel about it. I have been seeing it “rumoured” on various websites and Twitter. According to CinemaBlend it won’t be out until fall 2015.

Rob Zombie gave the reboot of Halloween in 2007.

Should there be a limit to amount of remakes?

I know a few people who doesn’t like movies from the early years (-80s) so in a way this would be an amazing experience for these people. Plus it is has writing credits from the famous John Carpenter. But on the other hand isn’t it going to get boring after a while? There are so many in the original series, is the remake going to be the same? Wouldn’t it get tiring? Please don’t get me wrong I watch any horror movies that are out. I probably weven watch and own the halloween remakes on DVD.

I really want peoples opinions on these questions I have highlighted.


John Carpenter (Characters)

Marcus Dunstan

Patrick Melton

Produced by

Malek Akkad- producer

Ryan Freimann- production executive

Matthew Stein- producer


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