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In The Last of Us 2, If Ellie becomes the hero, could Joel become the villain?

I guess he could, and having Joe as the villain with Ellie as the hero, would be a lot better than having Joel become the villain, and bringing in some new guy to be the hero. At least we know who Ellie is, and I have said that she should be the protagonist in the next game. But I think the real question hear is not if Joel could become the villain, but if Joel Should become the Villain, and well...

Should Joel become the villain in The Last Of Us 2?

Well in the words of Leonardo DiCaprio in wolf of wall street, "Absolutely [email protected] not!"

I've always viewed Joel as more of a mentor type of character, and never quit a villain. Making Joel the bad guy, would be kind of like making Obi Won Kenobie the bad guy in star wars, or making Mr Miyagi the bad guy in Karate Kid, it just wouldn't make sense.

Joel and Ellie are on the same side, making them enemies would take away from the father daughter relationship the entire first game was devoted to building up.

Joel and Ellie have no reason to be opposing forces. Sure Joel lied to her, when he swore he was telling the truth, but "you lied to me so now I'm going to kill you" is not a very heroic, or realistic motivation. It is also not in Ellie's character to think that way, Joel and Ellie have fought before, how can you forget that cabin scene!

Ellie always seems to forgive Joel, I think she realizes that most of the things he does is because he is just looking out for her or doesn't want to loose her.

Ellie is usually a pretty forgiving character, and rarely to never seeks revenge. Even when she is kidnapped by cannibals, she doesn't try to "turn the tables" and hunt down the cannibal's leader, David. Instead during that whole sequence, the only thing Ellie wants to do is escape with her life, and get as far away from that place as she can. David is the one who hunts down Ellie, not the other way around. Ellie didn't care about David or what he and his people did, she just wanted to stay alive. In the next chapter she even shows remorse for what she's done, even if it was totally justified.

If Ellie found out about Joel's lie, I don't think she'd "go after him" for it. Especially when she doesn't even "go after" a guy who tries to rape murder and eat her.

I just feel like having Joel and Ellie be on opposite sides would make it feel a little too much like a comic book, rather than the deep, emotional, and almost Shakespearean apocalyptic journey the first one was.

The Last Of Us, is a realistic look into both humanity, and what people would do to survive. It is also the story of two individuals (Joel and Ellie) on both a physical and spiritual journey, as they learn to respect and love one another like family.

I think making Joel the "villain", or even having a clear "villain" at all, would take a lot away from that. While the last Of Us 2 would need an antagonist, it doesn't need a bad guy, or a good guy.

What most people don't realize, is that protagonist doesn't mean "good guy", and antagonist doesn't mean "bad guy". Protagonist simply means "main character", and antagonist is just his, or her, opposing force. And I don't think Joel and Ellie would ever be enemies. Sure Ellie would likely be mad at Joel at first, but I think she would eventually realize that what Joel did, he did for her, to protect her.

I always pictured Joel's story, ending with him dying to protect Ellie. That would be far more emotional and engaging than "oh no, Joel's the bad guy now. let's get him."


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