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Meet DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Meet DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Arrow started this alone, and no one had any intention to keep it that way. The writers had a plan, but the fans had a different one. Then things just got stranger. But the hard, inescapable truth is that sometimes, The Flash and Arrow aren't enough. Sometimes the world needs a team. Thus Legends of Tomorrow was born. Now let's explore 6 reasons [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) is going to be amazing.

6: Team Chemistry

I'm going to consider this DC's TV Avengers. Remember how that started out, I'm hoping that's coming to Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, a pair of criminals and a deceased vigilante aren't just gonna be besties right away. Or maybe a wise cracking tech genius and famous scientist who is serious and kind of a Debby Downer (but does have his funny moments) will get along better, JK, that's not happening. Well, it won't if they play their cards right.

5: Sara's New Tude

The Lazaris Pit changes people, IN THE SOUL. Sara was a fun character to watch as the Canary, but how will she be as a different version of a vigilante. Can't Lotz did a great job bringing the character back to life, let's see how she does at changing the character.

4: Time Travel

In the trailer Rip Hunter said that the team would have to travel through time. The Flash explored time travel a bit in the finale, but Legends of Tomorrow is going to go full on time travel. They are time travelers of tomorrow. I'm really excited for them to explore that.

3: The Atom Shrinks

The Atom is finally shrinking! Remember that big explosion at the end of the Arrow season finale? Well, that either gave Ray's suit the ability to shrink or him the ability to shrink. Either way he is becoming small. Don't care how he will and that's all that matters. I am dying to see him shrink and become the Atom.

2: Hawkgirl

Yay! Another new hero! My one question is where did she get the nth metal? And how do her wings work? Is it a harness or do they pop out of her back? Knowing how the other series have played out I know they are going to make it work and it's going to be incredibly entertaining.

1: Vandal Savage

The Malcolm Merlyn to Legends of Tomorrow's Arrow, Yankees to their Red Sox, fire to their ice, they're opposites, rivals, reverses of one another (get it?). Savage is immortal and has lived for since cavemen. He commands the most powerful army known to man, sounds like a job for the worlds greatest heroes, minus Black Canary, Arsenal, Speedy, Diggle, and Nyssa. Oh, and Captain Cold and Heatwave are with them too.

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