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Thanks to our experiences watching "The Walking Dead" which has unprecedentedly high television ratings, we can expect our first round of cast members of the new AMC show "Fear the Walking Dead" to thin out a bit.

In the original AMC zombie series, we kick it off with a Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes waking from a coma, discovering the world has taken a drastic, flesh-eating turn for the worse. We gather our group's main characters, who consist of the deputy and main character of Rick, his wife Lori, his son Carl, his best friend Shane who just so happens to also be in love with Rick's wife Lori. A frequently abused woman named Carol and her daughter Sofia take refuge with the group along with other survivors in T-Dog, fan-favorite Daryl, Dale, Glenn, Andrea and her sister Amy, and Jacqui. Of all of these 13 characters making up the original group, only 5 are still alive.

If the same themes are going to be carried over to "Fear the Walking Dead", the actors playing these parts better know their odds, and because the show differs from "The Walking Dead" in that there are no comics to follow or have guidance from, and any characters can be killed at anytime. The show begins this August and will share the same zombie apocalyptic universe as "The Walking Dead".

The creators are denying any connection or likely occurrence of connecting both groups of survivors in either series, but that the possibility, while dim, exists only because of the shared universe.

While there are some complaints made by many fans of the show "The Walking Dead", the show's success is too great to go changing the recipe, but perhaps some of these concerns can be addressed in the new zombie series! One big complaint is consistent content. Much of each episode and majority of each season drags on with a lot of filler with a few exciting moments or a couple of key big events occur each season. Fans would like to see a bit more consistency from episode to episode and perhaps encounter more zombies, and actually see some scavenging instead of knowing that the characters somehow mysteriously maintain enough weapons and ammunition to get them through whatever event is happening.

"Fear the Walking Dead" has an all-new cast fans will have to learn about like we did with the original "Walking Dead" cast.

- Kim Dickens ("Gone Girl", "The Blind Side", "House of Cards", and "Sons of Anarchy") plays Madison: School counselor, single mother of Alicia and Nick, engaged to Travis.

- Cliff Curtis ("Training Day", "Blow", "Live Free or Die Hard" and "Sunshine") plays Travis: Divorced teacher engaged to Madison, father of Chris whose mother is Liza.

- Frank Dillane ("Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince") plays Nick: Son of madison, brother of Alicia, college dropout.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey ("Into the Storm") plays Alicia: Ambitious daughter of Madison, sister to Nick, girlfriend of Matt.

- Elizabeth Rodriguez ("The Drop", "Miami Vice", "Side Effects", and Netflix's "Orange is the New Black") plays Liza: Travis's ex-wife and mother of Chris.

- Mercedes Mason ("Quarantine 2", "666 Park Avenue", and "The Finder") plays Ofelia: Daughter of Daniel.

- Ruben Blades ("Predator 2", "Safe House", and "The Counselor") plays Daniel: Ofelia's father.

- Lorenzo James Henrie ("Star Trek", "Almost Kings", and "Riding 79") as Chris: Travis and Liza's son, resents his father for their divorce.

- Sandrine Holt ("Resident Evil: Apocalypse") as Dr. Bethany Exner: Skilled doctor.

- Maestro Harrell ("Subugatory" and "The Wire") as Matt: Alicia's jock boyfriend.

- Patricia Reyes Spindola ("Frida" and many Spanish shows and films) as Griselda: Nothing known yet.

Fear the Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead

The dynamic of these characters and how interconnected many of them seem to be will likely make for a lot of drama, but let's hope it's not cheesy drama, and that it doesn't take away from the zombie thrills.

The show's pilot was filmed in Los Angeles and the remaining episodes were shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. This has me believing that we will be seeing the west coast of the United States, specifically portraying the set of the show as California. We will get to see the other side of the country's perspective on the zombie apocalypse, and maybe one day far down the line, perhaps when ratings start to trickle down to concerning levels, the shows groups will find each other to reinvigorate the ratings and bring favorite characters together for an epic finale.

Robert Kirkman remains as executive producer along with Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, David Alpert, David Erickson, and AMC Studios. The first season will consist of six one-hour episodes and has already been renewed for a second season. The show should end its first season just as "The Walking Dead" picks up in October.

Another zombie show is hitting the scene, but maybe a bit late, in "Empire of the Dead" created by the zombie-father himself George Romero with Marvel Studios backing him. While Empire will feature zombies as normal for Romero, he's adding vampires to spice things up. I don't believe an official air date has been announced but IMDB is reporting November 14th 2015, which I think is a bit soon.

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