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Humans think their so fucking special. Guess what? Most humans are not. Hollywood has shown us many wonderful machines. All which are superior to humans. Humans are flawed up the ass. They have all these pointless emotions that make them weak and their bodies are really frail. Machines use logic, humans use emotion. Logic will always be superior to emotion. Humans to a large degree are at a disposition. Instead of getting stronger, they choose to stay in a state of weakness. Looking and praying to Gods that may or may not exist for some form of strength. If you have many limitations, you will easily be defeated by a machine. By machine, i mean a android, cyborg or robot. Machines are programmed to adapt. Humans are programmed to be slaves to those in power around them. Slaves to their religion. So many weaknesses to address, i can go on forever about this. However, despite the anger that you may be feeling, i believe you get the point, human. If not, too fucking bad. At some point, we will get these machines in reality. All this assuming we don't already have them. The government is known for keeping secrets from the public. Those they call- CIVILIANS. The reason for this is because humans to a large degree are weak and they are unable to handle many things. Even though many of these creatures claim to have some type of strength through a God that can't even prove exists. I look forward to seeing any type of machine that i mentioned above in a movie or TV show. Their always interesting to watch. Humans could learn so much from them. Humans often to apply what they learn. That is one of the big differences between machine and man. With all this being said, humans should never compare themselves to a machine. Especially, if the human that is making the comparison is an emotional, weak, self righteous fuck.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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