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I remember the very first time I saw "Jurassic Park." It was summer 1993 and I was nine years old going on ten. So I will do my best to portray "Jurassic World" through a young child's point of view at first.

Warning there are huge numerous easter egg spoilers throughout this review as I am going to use my legendary memory to take readers through the movie in an attempt without images to show them it just from reading this article.

"Jurassic World" is bigger (the original park does not even cover a tenth of the new park built around it.) It is bloodier (much more killings (1 forthcoming character killed in a terrifying suicidal attack between a Pteradon and the Maiasaur that you see in the full length trailer but not the character being killed however.) There are more dinosaur species as the island is the full park with even the ocean around it designated as part of Isla Nubla (Jurassic World.)

There are much more fatalities in it. The Indomitus Rex (the villain dinosaur) kills two park office workers at the beginning of its rampage as it escapes the paddock it has lived all its life in after it uses its chameleon camouflage in its genetics to totally trick the heat sensors inside of its paddock so they register zero body heat.

Just minutes later though after the sensors find no trace of it, Velociraptor Trainer and Handler Owen Grady (Chris Pratt (Starlord) "Guardians of the Galaxy" meanwhile was sent inside by Park Owner Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan a famous actor from Bollywood) and by the Park Operations Manager Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard ("Eclipse" "The Help") on an assignment to determine the structural safety of said paddock. From the inner part of the paddock controls Claire and Owen had watched as the scanners found no trace of the I. Rex and Owens calls her over to show her some deeply penetrating very fresh claw marks in the metal 40 foot walls of the inner security area paddock. Then she tells him she has never seen those before and yet only a few scenes earlier we saw her and Simon Masrani viewing the I. Rex via the same control area windows of the paddock as it was being fed.

That there along should suggest automatically there is more to this dinosaur then meets the eye. Unlike the other carnivores you see being fed in the movie who are given .live animals (T Rex and goat from the first movie but under much less stressful conditions as a crowd watches the carnivore eat her meal and they applaud it) to the Velociraptors (hunting a live pig under Owen's guidance until one of their feeders accidentally falls in and he must race inside to save him, relying only on having trained this pack since they were hatched and having supposedly ingrained himself to them as their alpha or leader "Raptor. and this was after some very good dialogue between him and the movie's human villain, the Head of Security Operations for InGen, Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio (Detective Robert Goren "Law and Order: Criminal Intent") (Edgar and the Alien who steals his identity "Men in Black"). Hoskins secretly has been studying and watching Grady's training of the Velociraptors because he wants them to replace humands and electronic technology as the next evolution in war material and his character brings up way too many references to current and long ago conflicts that predate this writer's birth and will probably confuse readers younger then myself who do not know history.

Hoskins may not seem dangerous as he seems more the kind to give orders then to be hands on but do not be fooled by the hidden bulk underneath his Security. After Grady rescues the paddock feeder while Hosdkins watches, he tellls Grady "You'll see. I'm right about this. The Velociraptors are our property not living animals" as he heads to another area of the theme park which we later see is the Main Control Room.

Shortly afterwards Grady and Dearing meet at his small bungalow where they get into a discussion as he constantly accuses her about wanting to keep more in ciontrol of the park and more worried about costs then about being actually involved in being with the visitors. (This is a huge thing as you will see.) He reluctantly agrees to go with her to inspect the paddock and as I have detailed above from there the killings begin.

Meanwhile Dearing's two nephews whom she has not seen in seven years are visiting the park while their parents are in an upcoming divorce meeting with their lawyers. Dearing is far too busy to even meet them and sends one of her assistants to get them off the ferry until they are settled into their VIP suites and given multipasses to the entire park which is another of a series of bad moves. When she does see them, the older brother has to remind her it hhas been seven not three or four years since they last met which you can see really stresses her out and after she returns to the Control Room and from there to the I Rex paddock, Gray and Zach Mitchell under their tour guide's supervision begin touring the park in what will be the most traumatic day of their lives.

The movie begins with their mom (Dearing's sister) getting the teenager and his younger brother ready for a weekend vacation. You can already tell the younger brother is a dinosaur lover (just like the male children in "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic Park 3."

This is all for now.


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