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Horror movies use to be good. Most horror films that come out today, are a steamy pile of dog shit. It's like the passion is gone from the genre. Let's be honest here. Every blue moon, a good horror film will hit the theater. That's so fucking rare though. It would be like humans excepting me as a person. Let me give you some information- Most humans think i'm weird and evil. Keeping in mind that these animals think this way about me, I'm usually not accepted by many humans. If and when I'm accepted, it's a rare thing. I don't know that many humans. When humans embrace me, it's the equivalent of a good horror movie hitting the theater. Just doesn't happen too often. For every good horror movie you get, you also get 20 bad ones. Nope. That shit is terrible. Back in the day, the horror genre was kicking out a lot of beast horror films. Now., they just tease us with cool trailers and then when you watch the film, you wish you would have stayed home and watched something else. I don't think the horror genre will die anytime soon, but i'm just saying they need to get their shit together. Also, they need to stop making the same horror films over and over again. Stop with all the exorcism bullshit. It's getting old and tired real quick. There is no way in a million years you can sell that type of bullshit to me. With the exception of The Exorcist. When you keeping shoving that type of film down our throats a million times over, something is wrong. Humans use the media as a sense of control all the time. You think and feel what they want you to feel. WHATEVER. All in all, they need to come up with some cool, original shit. Instead of feeding us the same bullshit over and over again.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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