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Rebecca Raymer

I've only seen the first episode of season three, but I've already laughed and cried and been angry and sad.

I have a really bad memory, and usually need a refresher when it comes to seeing new episodes of a show I previously binge-watched. I have to watch the first episode, though, in order to determine if I know what is going on or not. For example, I've only gotten through the first few minutes of each first episode of a new season of Revenge before I have to go back and watch the previous season all over again.

I saw the first episode of Orange is the New Black right after the second season came out, and I could not believe how entranced I became, and how intensely my need to watch every second was, with hardly a break in between episodes. I didn't bathe, I hardly ate, and I got very little sleep. Fortunately, I got through the entire first and second seasons over the course of one weekend, so my physical health didn't really deteriorate.

But I was changed forever. This show is fucking amazing, and while I was concerned I'd have to re-watch the second season to remind myself of the story line, once I started season three, episode one, it all came flooding back. Not just the facts, but the FEELINGS. Holy shit, the FEELINGS.

I am only stopping now, after the first episode of season three, because I wanted to write this review. I mean, I also have to pee, and I'm really hungry, but those needs have already slipped mightily on my list of priorities. For right now, I must express publicly how entirely encompassing the awesomeness of OITNB is for me.

The complexity of the characters, and the sophistication of the writing, acting, and's just all one giant orgasm of television.

The first episode of season three is about Mother's Day, and peeks into a lot of the major characters' relationships with their own mothers, or as mothers. There are A LOT of "mommy issues" going around, and it didn't fail to bring up the emotional and psychological challenges I personally face as a daughter, and as a mother. For example, the way I can't even remember my own kid's name while watching this show.

But enough about all that for now - There are TWELVE episodes of Orange is the New Black that I haven't seen yet! I gots ta go!


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