ByRyan Wardak, writer at
Ryan Wardak

Jurassic World was a Big fat question mark when it came to the first trailer during the Super bowl this year and everyone was thinking "Oh no Not another Jurassic Park sequel!" We also thought that it would just turn out too be another Jurassic Park 3.

Then It turned Out this "Direct" Jurassic Park sequel WAS F*CKING AMAZING! It was Just Brilliantly Directed and Had an Amazing cast with big names Like Chris pratt. This movie did everything right Unlike The 2 Sequels Great Story,Great acting,Amazing Visual effects and just one Big Get The F*uck out of hereto the sequels.

By all Means If you are a fan of the original Like i am you will love this movie and it will make you feel like you are re-watching the 1993 original movie.

( P.S Bring your kids )


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