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So, we have a few new informations about the future of our favorites TV show and I'm very exciting to see how all of this is gonna pay off !

First, reported a few days that The CW is looking to cast a new love-interest for Barry Allen. For now, the character seems to be named Wendy and I don't know if it's only a name used to not reveal too much about who she is. So let's not read too much into her name for now. Furthermore, The CW described her as a “spunky, fun, and funny” love interest for our Scarlet Speedster. They might be looking for their own Felicity Smoak.

Well, I'm a bit sceptical about this. I mean, I don't think that recycling character type that worked before is a good thing. We all know that Felicity, was for the first two season, a beloved character and the way the writers used her in the third season was a bit chaotic. And I don't want The Flash to repeat mistakes that her big sister made. Some people were talking about Patty Spivot and her character seems to fit the description. We can only wait for more informations.

Also, TV Line reported a few days ago that the Flash's creator were looking for a man named Jason Clark, who is a “square-jawed hero in his 30 to 40s.This man would also be slightly cynical and have an “edge” about him. He would be a recurring character for season two. I have to admit, my comic book knowledge is relatively limited and I don't even have a working theory on his identity. But, I had two name that I just thought of, Jay Garrick and The Question. It's only speculation based on what inspired me his description so I won't make a theory about this. I'll let this to more competent people.

Finally, on Vimeo, appeared two videos of actors vying for the role of a man named 'Simon' in season four of Arrow. Listening to the script, this Simon appears to be in fact the main villain of season four, Damian Darhk, the leader of H.I.V.E, the mysterious organization that killed Diggle's brother.

By the sound of those lines, Darhk could be the villain everybody is expecting for Arrow after a wobbly last season. I think that Ra's-Al-Ghul, despite the power of the League of Assassins never really felt like a real threat for Oliver and Team Arrow. I never saw him as a true villain for our heroes but more like a person with a different conception of justice. So I have high expectations for Darhk next season. But I'll let you make your own opinion !

Oliver Queen: So, you're on to him? The one Ra's?
Villain: I'm sure Ra's has told you many things about me. He was quite the storyteller - always concerned about myths and legends. As if he wanted them himself.
Oliver Queen: Why am I here?
Villain: For the same reason a boy is curious about ant he dug out of the ground.
Oliver Queen: And you're the ant in the scenario?
Villain: No, I'm the ground, the Earth, the world. I'm the man even Ra's al Ghul fears.
Oliver Queen: So Ra's is scared of you? I'm not.
Villain: Only because you haven't gotten to know me yet.
Oliver Queen: I'm getting to know you now and I'm not impressed.
Villain: I'm not Slade Wilson or Malcolm Merlyn or any of the other pretenders you've dealt with before.
Oliver Queen: I defeated them both.
Villain: Sounds like you're ready for the main event then. It's graduate day, Mr. Queen.
Unknown: Please, don't kill me.
Villain: Well, I hadn't made up my mind up about that to be honest, but I can tell you that the incessant whining isn't helping your cause much.
Unknown: I haven't done anything to you.
Villain: That's a matter of opinion. You failed me.
Unknown: I'm sorry.
Villain: Not yet you're not, but you will be. In that interval try to have some dignity at least.
Unknown: I'll do anything you want.
Villain: So, that's a pass on dignity. I was in your position more than once, vulnerable and someone else's mercy or lack thereof. It is a terrible feeling. It might be the worst emotion, worst than sadness or grief or loneliness. That's why I made it point not to feel it again. Family, friends, love, children, I cut ties with all of that. Now there's nothing I can be threatened with. I look at you and see your fear and there's nothing that I recognize. I have no fear, because of that. I show no mercy.

Tell me what you think and if you have a theory, feel free to share it below !


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