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Jurassic Park Reviewed.

The long and short of it here is this film was not bad at all, actually it was great! They did up the WOW factor!

Warning Spoilers ahead if had not seen and do not want it spoiled please read this after. Thank you.

OK, great story and ideas. The main theme was all about control and how we are not in control and must learn to go with the flow. One of the themes anyway that was woven into the film quite nicely.

The boys Gary and Zach, are the nephews of the main head science ...(red head).

The redhead, has a problem of letting go and keeping tight control everything. Along with being a workaholic and helping creating dangerous attractions that brings the park into disaster.

Rapport Training, this I was worried would be silly but actually it was not at all. Chris Pratt's character Owen was believable and carried the film.

The Villains ... a few here actually! The science turning AKA Rapport, snake, frog, and more to create Indoms!

The INGEN guy who wants to use Rapports as weapons, really? Let me just say really? Who came up with that idea, it actually might be reality.



Other Dinos, we do see our usually dinosaurs the big and small. I do wish we had seen a bit more of them and the park before the containment breacer

The Toys and Marketing are in full swing, which means lots of kids wanting go. This film is good for most kids.

Overall grade is A-, only (-) because I wanted more.


What grade would you give Jurassic World?


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