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Imagine a six year old going to one of their first movies. Every generation has been touched by the magic and wonder of dinosaurs. This movie promised to bring them to life in a way that others had faltered in. Jurassic Park. A wonderful dream brought to life by Steven Spielberg. The movie had it all. The wonder and whimsy of these amazing animals, brought true to life on screen. An awe inspiring score, music that helped make the movie more larger than life. My favorite part a a kid was meeting the genuinely kind John Hammond. The man who's vision was to see these creatures, ones who had been extinct for eons, walking the world again.

The year was 1993 and the world was set on it's ear by the promise of something it had not yet seen before. A movie with new technolgoy immersing us into a world of Dinosaurs with the magic of DNA and science advancements. I will never forget the feelings that I had during some of the most memorable scenes for me. The first feeding and seeing the cow being lowered down and the straps coming up torn to shreds. Seeing the Brachiosaurus for the first time. The terror when the cars would not move and the T-rex was coming.

As amazing as this was, the sequels became more of a joke, a way to continue the story without the same feelings being envoked. They became more of a guilty pleasure where yes you knew the flaws but you just WANTED the story to continue because you loved seeing the world of Dinosaurs. The wonder of a wish brought to life in a way only movies can.

I must admit that 22 years after Jurassic Park, I never would have guessed that the 4th in this line in a movie would bring tears of joy to my face. Watching the trailer for Jurassic World alone had me on the edge of my seat. I know what the Star Wars fans felt hearing that infamous score after so long.

Jurassic World brings us everything that a continuing movie should, the actors the story, the music, the DINOSAURS. I must admit I was worried that it was solely a reboot for the money, a way to cash in on the franchise. Those fears were crushed as soon as the opening song hit my ears. The original music playing as you saw the park for the first time, the views taking you back to 1993 in a beautiful homage that would have made John Hammond proud. I must admit that I had tears in my eyes as I saw the original gate on the screen. Truly a powerful scene.

We meet new characters that draw us in and of course they kept to the main themes that Jurassic Park brought us. The animals vs assets. Wrong vs. Right. The on the edge of your seat images that made the original so amazing. They in short did this movie justice and they did it right.

You are drawn in and the focus is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there the most. A thrill from start to close with action, adventure, a tinge of romance and quips, this movie truly has it all and teaches us of the morals that are main stay even in a world where dinosaurs still capture the imagination of the world.

We see what can happening when uping the "wow" factor is done, and giving the people what they want is not enough. When we go forward with the wanting more and having an amazing acheivement in front of us is just not enough. It, for me at least, show what the answer is to the question "If we can do something, have the technology to do so, should we?"

I will not give spoilers to the ending or honestly to any of the occurances that make the story such a hit in the gut but I will say that I felt the same way I did as a young kid as I watched the credits. I was back in that state of mind that anything could happen. Anything.

This movie gets a ten from me, I highly recommend this if you have love in your heart for the first one as this one moves itself as a classic in it's own right and while it is a continuation of the story, it not only pays homage to the first and does justice by it, it takes it a step further setting itself apart as a new episode in an amazing adventure. Kudos to you ladies and gents. Kudos.


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