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Sense8 season one is both epic and intimate, by Jana Rae Bess

Eight very different characters share the same mystical narrative. It all comes together just so, and not all at once. I am figuring it out as the characters are figuring it out. And I am watching the balance between characters and narrative closely, a sign of how invested I am in both.

I really do LOVE these characters, all eight. As much as I love House & Cuddy, Daryl & Carol, (and Bosch)... Mulder & Scully, Hannibal & Will, Linden & Holder. (Rodolfo & Mimi, Violeta & Alfredo).

The story is one big mystery, and it unfolds at the pace of an opera or symphony in three acts. There was a time when dressing up and riding in a bumpy carriage to the opera meant you didn't want to go home again for hours; perhaps the modern equivalent is binge watching.

The Sense8 sets are lavish! Every location is carefully chosen from the most visually luscious each sensate's home has to offer.

Sense8 is different. It is both epic and deeply personal. It's just getting started. There was that moment when I realized that all I had to do was pay attention and luxuriate in the knowledge I was being taken care of, that it was all for me. It's that rare level of trust that makes a series into a voyage of the heart.

Jana Bess founded the unofficial Twitter, Facebook and website for Sense8 in June 2014. She is lucky to have made several acquaintances from the cast, crew and producers of Sense8.

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