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As I read the stories of people coming out of the closet in Hollywood, I say Bravo to them, but also say who cares? It's important to the celebrity who comes out, their friends, family, and agencies that supports the celebrity. Me, personally, I couldn't care less. Not to sound rash, but SO MANY celebrities come out, it's almost like a titlewave of those who thinks it's important for the world to know. I just get numb to the knowledge of who's in, who's out, that I just don't care. Many people will think of me as a hater, but I'm not. I have a couple of friends who are gay, lesbian, transgendered, and I think I know of a bisexual person, not quite sure though. But I do care about them, hope they practice safe sex, are careful in public, and are in a loving relationship. If you are gay, lesbian, transgendered, or bi, kudos and be careful. You may think the world is ready for you to come out, but to me, and probably most of the world, we're numb, and don't care. Be careful, there are a lot of a$$£¤#'s out there who are looking to come after you and your loved one to hurt them, or kill them. Some of you may also say that I'm a hypocrite, ....I may be, but I know that really in your heart, if you are, YOU and the one your with know, the rest of the world can wait. There really is no rush for the world to know. Share with those you love, most importantly, then if you feel to share with the world, do so in a timely matter, but be ready for the haters honey. They'll try to get to you first.

I'm going to tell a story about me, it's the truth. I'm not going to sugarcoat it either. Many years ago, back in '91, I met a man in Buckhead, which is almost like San Francisco, with the gay community, who I let stay with me in my apartment. He and his friend were staying with me in my one bedroom apartment, til they got on their feet. They worked for a fast food chain during the day, and came home at night. Well, after about a few weeks, I got to thinking that I had feelings for that man. And after more thinking, I still loved women as well, but was confused by this point. Come to find out, I was in fact bi-curious, never did it with a man nor woman. It wasn't society that was impacting my thought process, it was my feelings for this man, and also being with a woman. I finally told him. I said, "I'm bisexual". He said, "You're more bi-curious, but I knew that". I came out to him. I told him that I loved him, and that I wanted to be with him. He left a couple of weeks later. I never followed him. Years later, I got in touch with his sister in Georgia, and she gave me his number to contact him. We talked, and were supposed to meet up at Thanksgiving, one year, but he never came. Two years later, he died from complications of AIDS and stomach virus is what killed him as well. After he died, my heart that wanted to be with him, died with him. I'm no longer bi-curious. I am heterosexual, and love women. He was the ONLY one that I wanted to be with, no one else, and I didn't care if my family disowned me, HE was my man that I wanted.

So, I a hypocrite? A hater? You be the judge, and think of what I just wrote. I care too much about those who come out and I just wish them happiness, but don't rush with coming out. Share the love with one another first, then decide if the world is ready for you.


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