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I really love to read,some people don't understand me because I read. They saying that ''I'm stupid because I read''. They don't understand that books are part of my life,I can't live without them. But OK,lets begin with books. I hope someone of you read this books before because they are very good.If you didn't read someone of this books,you have. Really. So..Lets start!

1.Harry Potter books

OK, I adore Harry Potter! When I first read it,I didn't like it but when I read it second time, I fell in love in that books. Absolutely amazing books. Have to read it!

2. Before I fall

OMG, this book is freakin' amazing! I read it like 6 times and I like it all 6 times! Book is very good and you don't need so much times to read it. Very nice book for reading in summer on the beach.

3. Twilight saga books

OK, I love this books,I read it 4 times and I have to say that they are very very very nice books. Everybody judges this books but I like it,you definitely need to read it.

4.The fault in our stars

Film is amazing,but book is much much better than movie. So many describes. Love between Hazel and Augustus is very very sweet and..I have to say,painful. Because they so much love each other and then something happens... Oh God,I cried when I read. Need to read guys,definitely.

5. The Alchemist

This the most instructive book I every read. Need to read,very good book by Paulo Coelho. All his books are great,but this is his best book to me. Need to read.

OK,this was the last book but not the worst. GUYS,NEED TO READ ALL THIS BOOKS! There are too many books,but these are 5 the best to me. Hope you like it,read this books and you will know what am I talking about. Love ya all.



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