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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

So I am not sure how good this recast is gonna be but here I go! I have not watched Hancock in like forever but last week my family while I was away at school thought it would be okay to watch it again without me.. Yeah I know rude of them right, well with out them doing so I would not of thought of re-casting it also believe it or not but a Hancock 2 should be out sometime in the next few years. Will Smith did a great job as the character, I loved him in the film but I still have my own actors I would like to see in the film so, below this little bittle paragraph is my casting it's not going to be that long since there are only a few main characters so please sit back and hopefully enjoy reading my article.

Heath Ledger as John Hancock

My Little Angel
My Little Angel

We all miss him very much.... Even those who didn't really know of him must miss this beautiful, funny, amazing man. I personally think he would make a fantastic Hancock he can turn a non-lovable character lovable so easily, I know many people would probably want to leave Hancock as an African-American actor I also thought of doing so but then while thinking of who to recast in Will's place Ledger came to mind and I know he is perfect for the part. Just imagine Ledger in the costume does he not look as fabulous in your mind as he does in mind!

Rachel McAdams as Mary Embrey

Everyone knows Rachel and if you do not, I am pretty sure one of your friends that are a girl have shoved The Vow or The Notebook down your throat so many times that her face is burned into your head so you I know you know her. My reason for choosing her is I love the way she gets into characters, the first time I really looked at her with serious eyes is when I rented the Time Traveler's Wife she was amazing in the film and I think she would do amazing as this character as well.

Robert Downey Jr. as Ray Embrey

Robert is my man y'all! I love this dude so much he kills every part he's cast in. Him as Ray would just be dope as fun see I did not curse right there but seriously Robbie D. is a amazing actor and would bring his own personal twist to the character that would blow away the audience.

Pierce Gagnon as Aaron Embrey

For nine years old he is kicking ass in the acting arena, right now he's staring in a hit TV drama, been in three big blockbusters and is in big Summer Disney film Tomorrowland. Some of you many remember him on One Tree Hill but I know you guys must know this little cutie from Extant, his acting skills are no joke so for him to play Aaron would be a breeze and such a joy to watch.

Mamoru Miyano as Jeremy

Okay guys please no hate for me casting my baby Mamo as Jeremy, I know you guys do not know who he is and probably never will if you dislike anime, He has never played in a film but man is his voice acting on point, I am 100% sure if he got the chance to play in a film he would kill it the same damn way he does in his animated work.

Paul Bettany as Red

Beauty is earned not given....
Beauty is earned not given....

Okay I been following him as an actor since The Da Vinci Code and even watched most of his old work, He acting just makes me wanna scream it's so good some of you guys or all you guys may disagree with me but I just love everything he does. If you beautiful, amazeball people would just rent Priest, The Reckoning or The Secret Life of Bees you'll see what I am talking about and why I believe he is the perfect actor for any part.

Well this is my recasting for Hancock tell me what you think in the comments and It was a blast to write something for you guys again! See you next time.


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