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Jim Kanios

All the way back in 2006. This was one of the many DVD's I purchased on a whim, bought it without seeing it beforehand. Yes, It was a bad habit of mine. I can say though that I had more hits than misses lol. This goofball comedy surprised the heck out of me. This movie was really fun actually. The cameo's by legendary actors and rock stars made this a joy to watch. If you can tolerate Tenacious D songs, then this film is for you. This is a Musical/Comedy/Drama-All in one. Jack Black and Kyle Gass are very hilarious and keep the laughs coming till the very end. As they are really just playing themselves on screen, which is what draws me to Tenacious D and the pick of Destiny. Just a couple dudes living the dream as rock stars-or wannabe rock stars.

Tenacious D sprinkled in surprise cameos from the get go. Meat Loaf plays JB's father. Ben Stiller plays the Cashier at the music store. Ronnie James Dio makes an appearance in the beginning and sings with young Jack Black. Dave Grohl plays Satan. Grohl actually performed on the drums for the movie and the soundtrack.

Tim Robbins really stole the show in my opinion. He played a mysterious homeless man named "The Stranger". The Stranger attempts to foil Jack and Kyle's plan to break into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to steal the pic of destiny. The pic is supposedly able to turn whoever posses the pic into a guitar genius.

I don't want to go into too much detail and ruin it for whomever hasn't seen it as of yet. Although it tanked at the box office, I still like movies that don't get too much media attention. If you like movies you don't have to take seriously, this one is for you.


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