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In this list, we are looking at 5 villains who have appear in the Batman mythos, but has not made it in the big screen yet. I'm excluding any characters that is plan to make an appearance in a future film, which includes Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Deadshot. I'm, also, excluding any characters that can be associated to a character in film, so no Man-Bat (Batman Forever and Batman Begins). However, I'm allowing any characters that had made an appearance in a direct video, just as long as they did not make an appearance in the theaters.

5) Jervis Tech (Mad Hatter)

With this Alice in Wonder theme villain, Jervis Tech has the ability to control people to do his willing by placing a card on their heads. With his appearance in film, Tech can create chaos for Gotham as he could make Batman look like the villain in the media.

4) Temple Fugate (Clock King)

A revision villain made by Bruce Timm, Temple Fugate is a skillful criminal who is able to use time as his own advantage by knowing exactly when Batman throws a punch and when to escape. Temple Fugate is loosely base on William Tockman, the original Clock King, who was a villain for Green Arrow. With his appearance in film, Batman will need to learn new skills to stop this quick thinker.

3) Roman Sionios (Black Mask)

Fuse to the mask mold of his father skull, Roman Sionios is one of the most powerful crime lord in Gotham. Most nobility, he was the leader of the "False Face Society" and has attack Wayne Industries multiple times. Black Mask would have been perfect in one of the Christopher Nolan films as a threat for Bruce Wayne both in business and crime fighting.

2) Tommy Elliot (Hush)

Know for having multiple faces, Tommy Elliot was once a wealthy surgeon who fake his own death to seek vengeance on Bruce Wayne, for his father keeping Tommy's mother alive from an accident cause by Tommy. Hush is consider to be one of the deadliest foes for Batman as he is able to take parts of a face to impersonate a person. Hush would be perfect in a Batman film, as no one can tell whether it's him or not.

1) Hugo Strange

One of the oldest comic villains, Hugo Strange is consider to be one of the greatest Batman villain to have not appear in a film. Strange contributes in the DC Universe by giving criminals a drug that made them his hulk like zombie minions, learning Batman's identity and try selling it to other villains, and he even weaken Bruce Wayne to take over the role of Batman. Hugo Strange not appearing on film is quite a shock to the fact that he has the ability to control everyone in Gotham, especially Batman, which can lead a good Batman film.

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