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The weekend isn't even over yet and Jurassic World is already destined to shatter box office records. As such, the cast and crew are no doubt thrilled to be a part of it. This includes Nick Robinson, whose acting career made a huge jump from a Disney Channel Original Movie to a mega-sized blockbuster.

I recently got a chance to talk with Robinson about his role as Zack in Jurassic World. Before doing Jurassic World, Robinson had a much more humble start in Hollywood. He previously starred in the 2012 Disney Channel Original Movie Frenemies as well as a the 2013 independent film Kings of Summer.

"Well the money, for one, was a lot more than those films (laughs). But what really stood out to me was the sheer scope of it. I believe in the final credits there's almost 2,000 people. So, just being a part of something that huge was definitely a new experience."
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.

In addition to experiencing a larger production, Robinson got his first experience in an action-oriented film. While his previous movies were more dialogue-driven, Jurassic World was his first shot at the action-adventure genre. Although he does have another action-oriented role coming up, Robinson said that he is looking forward to tackling more character-driven roles...

"Well, the last thing I did was called The 5th Wave. That was in a similar vein, but I'd be very excited to do some more character/dialogue driven work."

While the sizable production was certainly appealing to Robinson, one of his favorite things about working on the film was his on-screen chemistry with co-star Ty Simpkins. Since the two had to play brothers...

"We hit it off pretty well. We didn't have time to hang out before hand, but once we got on set, we had a fair amount of down time in the first month of filming. So we spent quite a lot of time together which really helped us bond, and I'm glad that it came across on film. I also have quite a few younger siblings, so it helped cross a real life experience with my character."
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.
Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.

In the movie, Robinson plays Zach, a womanizer in his late teens. He is brash and outgoing, but he takes it upon himself to look after his precocious younger brother Gray. During the movie, it is revealed that their parents are divorced, giving Zach more of a reason to look out for him. Robinson discussed how people his age could relate to his character...

"Well at the beginning, I found it's kind of hard to relate to Zach because he is just this jaded, spoiled teenager. He's with his younger brother the whole time and he doesn't really get the time of day. But I hope by the end that people will find some compassion towards both of them after the perils that they've been through together."

Throughout the movie, Zach and Gray certainly go through quite a lot together (mostly being chased by voracious reptiles). Their moments of danger were so exciting to see on screen, that Robinson had trouble selecting a favorite scene to film...

"My favorite scene to a tough one because there's quite a few moments where you're sitting there going: 'Holy s***!'"

Though Robinson initially had trouble pinpointing a favorite scene, he finally settled on one specific scene because of its nostalgic value...

"My favorite scene may have been at the beginning of the scene when we get into the gyrosphere. That was not only the first day of shooting but it was also set in the same valley that the original (Jurassic Park) had been shot in."
A location from the original Jurassic Park.
A location from the original Jurassic Park.

Later on in the film, Zach and Gray are viciously attacked by the Indominus Rex inside the gyrosphere. The dinosaur claws at the glass sphere and jerks it around like a chew toy, so a good amount of special effects magic involving green screen and robotics was needed to bring that scene to life. Robinson enthusiastically stated that it was pretty awesome to film...

"That was pretty crazy...they put us on a giant robotic arm that would flip us up, around and upside down. It was like a roller coaster!"

Robinson then concluded his interview with some information on his next projects...

"Well the 5th Wave is based on a book series by Rick Yancey. It's a really fantastic book series that is an apocalyptic thriller. The movie's got some other great actors like Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe, and Liev Schreiber. Being Charlie is a smaller film...quite a bit smaller, actually. It's directed by Rob Reiner and written by his son. It's about a troubled teen who's in and out of rehab. It is a more dramatic role."

Check out Nick Robinson in Jurassic World, in theaters now!


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