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That's the question that only the DCCU can answer for us, so until then, it's all speculation! Anyway, what is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman? Will she be a fierce warrior or an Ambassador of Peace? Here's my take on it. I didn't get to say EVERYTHING I wanted to nor said things the way I wanted to.


I didn't say as much as I wanted, remember?

A Period Piece!?

They say Steve Trevor will be in the Wonder Woman movie, they say Wonder Woman will be hundreds of years old, so what does all of this mean? Steve Trevor could be a New 52 approach, being the leader of A.R.G.U.S, but Wonder Woman being old?! In the New 52, Wonder Woman is a young, wilful warrior and it's said DCCU version will be the daughter of Zeus!

Character Driven Story

Patty Jenkins is at the helm for our first Wonder Woman because Michelle MacLaren left the project due to "creative differences." Rumors has it that MacLaren wanted an action movie like Braveheart, but WB wanted a more character driven movie. Dawn of Justice could display Diana as a fierce warrior on a peace mission (undercover?), but the Wonder Woman movie could have much more depth in the character. About the age... Pre-52 Wonder Woman would kill if their were no options left, BUT...

Maybe that's further back, but you get it. Yes, Wonder Woman IS both! My concern is they might separate and excluded one of them. The duality of those character traits makes her Wonder Woman.

In Conclusion: Any of our concerns might be answered at Comic-Con, but I don't think they'll reveal everything. [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) will give us a hint of her character. Isn't it a good thing that Wonder Woman will be right before Justice? Regardless of what you think about Gal Gadot... she is our Wonder Woman, so we have to wait and see! I'm cautiously excited for this movie, and it could pleasantly surprise us. The Fierce Warrior will need, the Ambassador of Peace we deserve.

What do you think? What could our DCCU Wonder Woman be like? Leave a comment!

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