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PG-13 | 2015 | 124m

Finally, we have been given the Jurassic sequel we deserve. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio are all new to the franchise and they breathe the necessary life back into it. While most movie sequels pale in comparison to their predecessors, the last couple Jurassic Park films were a harsh reminder that lightning doesn’t strike twice. In this case however, it has.

Jurassic World is an epic that in many ways surpasses the original. Much like the theme park in the movie, the filmmakers took the original and built on the rubble of the fall out. All the fan favorite dinosaurs are back, and they even brought back the scientist that gave them all life. This time though Dr. Wu not only brings the dead back to life, he creates a hybrid that can destroy them all.

Much like the first Jurassic Park the film has a large cast of characters, ranging from the scientists and bean counters to the children in harms way. Pratt plays Owen, a former Marine who is sent to Jurassic World to test and train raptors. D’Onorfrio plays his superior, who wants to use this training for military purposes.

Everyone working in the park knows the dangers that these creatures present, but most of them seem to no longer fear the dinosaurs. That is, until the new Indominus Rex tricks them into letting her out, and eating a few for lunch. Loose on the island, with thousands of tourists, Pratt and his team, need to find a way to stop her from killing everything in her path. As seen in the trailer, Pratt and team do utilize the raptors' training. The result is an epic battle of tooth and scale, but the clash doesn’t quite go as they planned.

Jurassic world is a fantastic movie that defines what a summer blockbuster should be. I say, “See it” because you will not be disappointed. The film definitely uses a lot of the same tropes as the original, but it does it so well.

As for the 3D, you can skip that. They did not shoot in 3D and nothing really breaks from the screen, though there were plenty of opportunities. However, the bigger the better, so 3D might be the way to go if you want the full throttle experience of the IMAX and other large format screens.


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