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I thought all of the Lethal Weapon films brought something to the table. Each one offered something a little different, but not too different to the point where you didn't recognize the franchise. When it comes to film franchises, many of them suffer from being too different. That's all kinds of bad when you change the formula. Keep the formula and change a couple of ingredients. How can it be the same if you do so? Well, you just have to be smart. A talented writer can present the same formula or at least so you think and then when you try it out you notice the change. Absolute brilliance set in during the script writing process. Keep that audience coming back for me. This particular franchise executed that properly in my opinion. The action was just enough. Never to the point where you felt like it was too much. The last thing you want is for your audience to get bored. Not once was i bored during this epic franchise. Shout out to Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. They worked so great together. If their chemistry was off, the series would have been doomed. Instead it will always be remembered as a great action franchise. At least in my eyes. I must say, the franchise had a good ending to it. It felt complete. No cliffhanger bullshit. It just felt right, like it was over. You walked away with a smile. You did so knowing that the characters in that universe left us in a good spot. Well done to all the humans that worked on the franchise. Thank you so much.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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