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One of the most romantic films of all time is arguably A Walk to Remember, one of the many tales of love and loss doled out by the man of romance himself, Nicholas Sparks.

Recently, Shane West, who played Landon Carter resident bad boy in the movie, spoke to The Wrap about the movie and the very large memento that he took from it.

“The first scene that we shot on that film was pretty much the opening sequence of the film. Of daring that kid to jump in the lake, everyone driving up their cars together, and that whole party scene. Which was a great idea because it helped us bond – me and the other actors. ’Cause they had to be lifelong friends. And they started pulling out the cars one by one for each character, and they pulled out that ’67 Camaro for me, I turned immediately to the first AD, and I was like, ’How much is it?’ and ’I want it. Don’t let anyone else get it.’ I used part of my paycheck to buy that car. So, I bought it, and I still have it.”

I have heard of actors taking home props or mementos from sets, but that is a pretty big one. At least he paid for it. He does mention that he still has to paint it a new color, which I can kind of understand, the orange is a little loud

It's nice to know that he is as sentimental as his character on screen, and I know I wouldn't pass up a ride in that car. Maybe even take it to somewhere I can be two places at once.



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