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tyler henry

Goodfellas. The memories and nostalgia that have just rushed me when saying that word a perfect film. A film that apparently only men can like, I disagree my mother who loved Goodfellas showed me Goodfellas she like exciment the flowing of plot and characters. Alica Malone a cinephille just like us loves Goodfellas and guess what she's a woman Goodfellas isn't about a male fantasy being lived out on the big screen! Its about greed, the ever changing idea of the American Dream its about deception crime and survival in a dark underground world. Now the film I am about to compare it to is a good film but no where as good as Goodfellas but a film with all those tones and is claimed to be a woman only movie magic mike. I like magic mike I loved the situational humor and the dark undertones of how messed up and dark this world can be. What does mike run into Greed violence Deception get where I am going with this Art doesn't see gender because it shouldn't Art is art and where does Art say a woman can't enjoy Goodfellas as much as a man can enjoy magic mike. Were all equal so why can't we enjoy art equally as well.

Also goodfellas over magic mike. Just thought I should say that


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