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In 2007, the world wept for the cancellation of the Emmy nominated (now cult classic) series, The 4400. Let me tell you why. It had one of the most compelling premises ever: 4,400 people were abducted from different parts of the world, in different decades, altered with special abilities and were returned all at once to Seattle, WA.

Sadly, the show was in the cross-hairs of the Writers Guild Strike and fans were left with a major cliffhanger. Flash forward to 2015 and we're living in a world where the entertainment industry is playing by a different, yet fascinating set of rules, where shows can scoop up Emmy's and Golden Globes without airing a single episode on television.

(ex. Netflix Originals: House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black).

The geniuses at Netflix saw which way the horse was running and decided to run with it, by presenting us with series under their Netflix Original umbrella. Just when we thought things couldn't get any sweeter, they revived 'Arrested Development' (a beloved 2003 -2006 series canceled too soon) and placed it under that very same umbrella. This is the era where cool shows can come back for any given reason and we the fans are okay with that! 'The X-Files', anyone? How about 'Twin Peaks'? The 4400 has the same opportunity!

And get this! The stars of the show; Joel Gretsch and Jacqueline McKenzie have not only signed a 'Revive The 4400'! petition, but also voiced their desire to be a part of a revival. And they're not the only ones. Wait till you see how many of the cast and crew are on-board!

Find and SIGN THE PETITION here -----> Dear Netflix: Revive The 4400!

Equally important: SHARE the petition!

Seasons 1-4 can be streamed now on Netflix: CLICK ME!

AFTER you sign the petition, come back here and have some fun with the poll below.


Should Netflix revive 'The 4400'? Let us know!


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