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Kimberli Smith

In just a few days Pixar is releasing yet another fabulous looking movie. Now I've been seeing ads for it all over then place, on TV, in the mall, everywhere. But every time I see the commercials a quewrionncomes to mind. In the commercial you receive the point of view of the average family. Mom, dad and daughter. Discussing the average dinner conversation ou get a look into moms mind, which is made up of entirely female emotions.

Next you receive a view at dads head which is made of entirely male based emotions.

Now while most people probably wouldn't have caught on its established grew mom and dad that boys have boys and girls have girls right? Well then why is it that the daughter has a mix of both male gendered and female gendered emotions

And while its 3-2 ratio, I can't help but see it as Pixars own little easter egg of sorts. A hint towards the acceptance of an angroginous society maybe or even a suttler hint towards a message of acceptance toward the LGBT community . And while Pixar itself has yet to comment other wise, I see it as a message of acceptance. Taking in the theme of the movie there couldn't be any other message in my mind.


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