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Hi there, everyone! I am new to this site (as I am sure most can obviously see) so I figured a very short introduction is due. Under normal situations, I would expect this to happen at a bar or bus stop and I would do the full introduction of:

"Hello there, I’m Brian Tru and I’m here to entertain the masses."

All the while there would be explosions and sinister music blaring in the background. Or well most likely not. I am the typical 30 something year old who has suddenly found out that all the things that made me a geek as a child are suddenly "popular". I guess I was just born 20 years too late to enjoy that luxury. So here I am now... chasing the dreams to be a filmmaker, writer, and podcaster all while consuming entertainment like Galactus consumes planets. Enjoy, all my Ghouls and Ghoulettes.

Now, I see a ton of great posts here about amazing movies, shows, comics; pretty much the works. I’m sorry to say, my dear readers, I am not here to talk about any of those things (well not right now anyway - my tickets for Jurassic World aren't for another couple hours) I am here to talk about a series of books.

Books? You might ask wondering what series could possibly compete with the already world famous chart climbers that are already on the New York Times best-seller’s lists. Well, my friends, today I have a story to tell you about. It’s a story of love, devotion, the truth, and zombies. This is a series of 3 novels and 4 novellas and it’s called the NewsFlesh Series.

A little back story to explain my love for this series: As it happened, I discovered the first book in the Series called Feed when I had just graduated college and was struggling. I couldn't find work, I was unable to really do anything at all but my girlfriend took me to a book store and told me to find something to read. I am guessing she thought it might put me in a better place mentally. Regardless as to why she got it for me, after slugging around for a few minutes in the bookstore, I remember seeing this cover

It’s not the most elaborate cover ever conceived. To be fair, it’s extremely basic but it captivated my imagination in ways I can't describe even if I tried. So needless to say, I grabbed it and like a little kid, I sprinted to her saying I found what I want I found it and I needed it like the air I breathe. Well, maybe not that extreme but I did need it. She laughed and bought it and by the time we got back to our apartment I was nose deep into the world of the Newsflesh series. My life as a fan would never be the same.

The first book follows the story of a blogging team years after the zombie apocalypse. The zombies are a threat, but in the same way we in the world now see the bird flu. Kind of if we ignore it then it’s not happening but oh lookie the news is showing new victims infected in Uganda. Either way, they run a news blog which is called "After The Dead Times" which I found extremely catchy. And they run around and write stories about the news that effects their lives. No different then what we currently have on any website on any given day...but add zombies and soon to be government espionage.

But before we even get there I need to explain the three main beautiful sections of their blog-iverse (like that term? if so credit me, if not blame the guy who told me writing for this site would be amazing). Firstly we have the Newsies. They are straight shooters and ready to expose any sort of injustice they might see in the world and have a habit of seeing the world with the glasses of "right and wrong" or "black and white" way to easily. They could be considered boring by many but their views are how most things will be seen as fact. Second, you have your Irwins (I wonder who that I was named after) they are the action stars more than anything. They will, as the author says, "poke a zombie with a stick" just to see what happens. If they die, they want it on camera. And lastly we have the Fictionals who are story tellers. Doesn't matter if the story is true or not, they are writing it and it’s true in their head with a dramatic sense that could make the best in Hollywood cry.Our 3 main characters fit these molds. They expand on the senses you are expected to believe and were written so extremely well I felt like they had to be real when I was reading these stories. So now I introduce you to our main characters of Georgia, Shaun and Buffy. The Newsflesh series starts with them and the adventure is a rollercoaster ride you won't forget.

I don't want to write too many spoilers since I know that while the series has its fanbase, it has not reached the levels of Harry Potter (but really, what has?). I will do my best to just let you know as a fan and person how amazing this series is to me and why.

It starts off so straight forward, which I find to be rather unusual in a novel now. It seems they try to all play the twists from the start of the book, before you even grow to care about the plot or characters. They give you the chance to think the story is set from one path to the next. Mira Grant throws everything at us as the story progresses, leaving any person who has grown attached to the characters pretty much a blubbering mess of a puddle of a person. And to be frank with all of you dear readers, I would not have wanted it any other way.

Pretty much anything else I could put in here would be a major spoiler and I believe that the author deserves the buys so head over to Amazon, or Barns and Noble and buy the hard copies, the box set, or the e-books. You will be doing yourself a major favor by exploring and becoming captivated with this world. It will be so worth your time and money. The main books are Feed, Deadline and Blackout. Buy and enjoy! I just know that you’ll absolutely love this series as much as I did.

Final Grade: A+


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