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Should Ant-Man make a reference to Oscorp?

The answer is yes, we have a huge cinematic universe for Marvel properties now, it would only be fitting to cross-reference other properties in the films, because in the comic universe, the whole entirety of the universe is connected and that should be reflected in the cinematic universe!

Ant-Man is too close to release so it would have to be in the sequel, but if there is still time, maybe film a bonus scene for the dvd with one of the following;

  • Ant-Man minimized gets launch from an explosion that lands him onto the Oscorp sign to which he quotes "I'm going to need robotic wings if this keeps happening" which would reference Vulture or Falcon and could then set up hype for the Sinister Six movie and the Captain America: Civil War movie.
  • When Ant-Man is maximized it would make him tower over buildings to which he would quote "Hey i can see my house from here, oh and there's Oscorp, but there's a giant spider on the building?" i'm going to let you work the obvious reference out!
  • When Ant-Man or better yet Scott Lang is walking past of group of people they will be discussing Oscorp.
  • Finally, when Scott Lang is sat at home watching tv, a commercial for Oscorp comes on, which starts with "Here at Oscorp...."


Which scene idea sounds appealing?

Let me know what you think of these ideas.


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