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jurrassic park the first real event movie of the 90's skip on twenty years in the era of sequels, prequels and reboots we've all become skeptical of what studios will do to our favorite films and after being skeptical of world for months before its release i decided to go and catch it on opening weekend and i was not disappointed.

The film had a lot of talking point and stepped on the line between reboot and sequel going for what has become more common in the last few years a soft reboot, keeping the lore and the majority of the past with them but adding new characters to the mix similarly to the xmen film last year and the new terminator in a couple of weeks time.

The film knew what it had and with Chris Pratt becoming more and more of a high profile asset with every passing film, like seriously is there anything that guy can't pull off, he's made us believe in a group of arseholes with the gardians of the galaxy, he's eaten doughnuts in parks and recreations and he's been a badass in jurrasic world. what makes all this better is he's signed on for more sequels so we know that the series is still in good hands acting wise.

The film makes references to the past through dr wu, the only character to appear in the original film and the new film and also jake johnsons character who wears an original jurrasic park shirt, which helped many fans as they haven't written the original films off completely.

The supporting cast was built up of many great actors who all had there moments but the film seemed to try to hard to be ensemble with the constant back and forth between the kids and the grown ups and a control room scene, it worked well but at times you lost the jepordy that comes with a similar style that was used in the original film, this is most likely because of the fact the majority of the film took place in the day, most of the characters who die or are injured are just red shirts that don't have any lines.

The technological advancements that have taken place since the original allowed for many new and inventive ways of dealing with the dinosaurs with some being a new touch up to what happened in the original films.

Recently in films we have seen an increase in the amount of romantic subplots which are awful most of the time, jurrassic world had one but it was done right, they played with heart strings but didn't make it the focus or a plot point just something in the background while they were busy tracking and he dinosaurs were hunting.

The majority of the film focuses on the youth, the two kids, one a sterotypical brother who isn't a big fan of his younger brother but can be kind in the right situation and the other brother a highly intelligent young boy with an obsseion. the only real development was them working together through a life threatening situations.

overall, i loved the film and i can't wait for the sequel i'll be there on release day, i just want them to fix the pacing issues and give the characters so real development with more time being hunted by the dinosaurs and less set pieces, unless they are another velosoraptor style which arguable sets up for a meeting in a sequel. well worth the watch and better than the third installment and the second, its not as good as the original but its a close as you want as it takes the best bits from the past and merges it with the best bits of the future with the holographic dinosaurs being a wonderful addition just for a throwaway.


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