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E3 is now only a matter of days away and we can't wait to see what Ubisoft will have on display. Will Assassin's Creed: Syndicate be able to entice those who've long abandoned the series to return? Will Rainbow Six: Siege show off some big changes since its alpha test a few months back? And will Tom Clancy's The Division be playable in an alpha stage or in a semi-complete form on the floor at E3? So many questions - so much hype.

But when it comes to Ubisoft's latest ventures in the Tom Clancy universe, one particular issue may see either of the games suffer past their release dates. Rather than being a technical one or a gameplay aspect, I think this issue may actually be us and how we primarily engage with the games. Rainbow Six: Siege is certainly going to suffer in this department, but will The Division experience similar issues on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six: Siege

Are We a Problem for Tom Clancy's The Division & Rainbow Six: Siege After Release Date?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is a team focused online multiplayer shooter. The alpha demonstrated that the team which remains in constant communication stand a far better chance of coming out on top. You'll be able to organise approaches or defend your location with superior precision. But that's just the problem. Once Rainbow Six: Siege hits consoles, and even to a certain extent on PC, teammates aren't going to be in regular communication. It'll be every man for himself and Rainbow Six: Siege is a much better game when played cooperatively with tactics.

The Division is constantly marketed as a game that works extremely well with a team. But could we also be missing out on excelling in this online RPG because we won't communicate? GTA V's heists are a really good example. I've never joined a heist and heard someone communicating. Everyone does their own thing and every time I've had someone ruin the experience because they refuse to play cooperatively. Could The Division suffer from this?

Tom Clancy's The Division
Tom Clancy's The Division

I'd hate to see Ubisoft devote a great deal of attention into this aspect of [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169), because they expect players to engage with the game in a certain way. It could really affect the title's longevity, as is the case with [Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege](tag:2768317). Do you think these games could suffer in this way after release date? Did you experience this with Rainbow Six: Siege's alpha?

E3 will have a lot to show us about the development of The Division and I seriously hope that it's a game that will succeed in every way possible for months following its release date!


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