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The Discordia

When I saw Jurassic World it had been 7 years since I had seen the original Jurassic Park and I truly forgot what a visual marvel these films are! Jurassic World serves as both a re-affirmation to fans of the original and at the same time a perfect introduction to the franchise for new fans. Whilst the original movie still holds up today it feels slightly dated and Jurassic World feels like it brings the franchise to the modern world without forgetting it's past.

The CGI is astonishing and the writing is witty and clever, yet the plot is sometimes hard to keep track of as it darts between characters. The acting is top notch with Chris Pratt (Guardians Of The Galaxy) as raptor taming badass Owen Grady and one of the most talented young actors out there; Ty Simpkins as Gray.

The less than subtle references to the original film are a treat to spot and in no way slow the plot down, however the constant product placements feel intrusive and unnecessary. In conclusion I utterly loved this film and found it hard to find a flaw.



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