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Eva Brando

If you're just like me, you love the narnia series. But then again, who doesn't?

I decided to make a post that shows you 10 things you might not know about the Narnia movies. I hope you enjoy!

1. the word “jadis” means “witch” in Persian

2. 'Aslan' is the Turkish word for 'Lion'

3.“Cair Paravel” means “a lesser court”. In other words, the kings of Narnia are under Aslan.

4. Narnia was the name of an old town in Italy, which then now call Narni

5. The last battle is the only book that isn't dedicated to someone

6. Lucy is the one who spends the most time in Narnia, 4 hours longer than Edmund

7. The Giant Pire, mentioned in “The Horse ans His Boy,” was killed by Olvin of Archenland in the year 407 (according to Lewis’ timeline).

8. Even though there are supposedly no Talking Mice in Narnia prior to the Resurrection of Aslan, there are two suspiciously mouse-like creatures in Pauline Baynes

9. Lewis’ timeline, written after the books, is in disagreement with the text of “The Magician’s Nephew.” The timeline claims that Archenland was established in 180 by Col, the youngest son of Frank V, but “The Magician’s Nephew” claims that the second son of Frank I was king of Archenland.

10. Roger Lancelyn Green was the one who suggested naming the books “The Chronicles of Narnia.”


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