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A couple of weeks back my cousin came to visit me and he told me he wanted to see pitch perfect 2 having not seen the original i borrowed his netflix and had a little gander and what i found was the perfect mix between comedy, music and romance, that didn't make me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

now following on from this i agreed to go with him to see the second one in the now confirmed trilogy, now apart from now being considered a rarity in the comedy film world there have been sequels and a few of them, with most comedy films only getting to two and then giving in due to a negitive return.

pitch perfect 2 on the other hand actually pulled off great reviews, with a stunning cast and that slowly puts me on to my point, the majortiy of the cast is wasted, in the original film most of the characters were one dimentional except for fat amy who dispite her name had more about her than being fat unlike most american films, badass becca who developed from an introvert to a singer and producer.

the rest of the cast feel wasted, with characters being either considered a closet lesbian, an extremely sexual girl, the two girls who just happen to be there, the bossy one and the one who seems to be down on her luck. yet in the original this worked due to the extremly big cast and the small run time, with most of the ensemble tv programs finding it difficult to give half of the screen time to the majority of there characters in a whole season, yet pitch perfect did try to do this quiet well.

the second one, despite doing well seemed to make you forget about badass beca as she was no longer the prime focus instead they prefered to focus on fat amy and the newest addition to the bellas. the rest of the characters slipped in to background, with the sexual one, stacie, not even having a line and just being in the background. the only one of them that seemed to develop was the lesbian as shes now out and has more lines and isn't just the butt of jokes anymore.

The first film primary focus was the antagonist from the rival acappela group the treblemakers a fued that no longer exists now the leaders of both the groups are dating, beca and jesse, but beside this we only see jesse for around five minuites during the second film with his goals being entirely forgotten and his entire purpose in the film to support beca. now with that its not entirely a bad thing but it feels like the waste of such a good and exciting character. i could spend an ages moaning about how each of the characters seemed to fade in to the background except for fat amy.

now i contiune to bring up how fat amy had an extremly bigger part in the second film, possibly because of how the entire antagonism plot is her fault, and next she falls in love with the old leader of the treblemakers with a third plot being the newest member emily junk, who had a relationship with jesse old room mate and fellow treblemaker, star wars dude, or ben, with another being beca attempt to become a music producer through an internship, with another plot which will then merge with the main plot and beca plot being emily songwriter dream.

overall there were just too many plots to follow and then to have on screen, all in an attempt to keep us entertained and it must have because of how well it actually did but unlike the first one which managed to fit an ensemble cast in such a good way the second one fell flat almost forgetting that the treblemakers existed.

surprisingly i was saddened by the backwards writing in the film but it still was one of the funnist films i've seen this year and i can't wait for the third and if they can fix the problems that arose within the second while still innovating then i don't see why this trilogy can end badly, with a possible new load of bellas that this time have more about them than the one personallity trait and you can actually believe they exist and not that three of them exist and the rest are mindless zombies in the background without opinions.


which film was better?


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