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Remember Game of Death when we get the first time that there was a one on one battle between two fighters using Nunchucks Or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where we have Dennis Hopper character battle Leatherface himself with a Chainsaw battle fight. EPIC MOMENT!

In the movie The Power of Ninjutsu we have two ninjas using guns and I say to myself WTF. Ninjas don't use guns better yet also the evil ninja even throws a Boomerang in this battle stand off. (Clip Below)

There been so many bad ninja 80's movies that have been spliced with a another movie together and also make no sense at all especially even the bad dubbing.

There are a few that have slip by that are actually enjoyable to watch or just get drunk.

Well put on your Ninja Headbands and colorful ninja suits start a marathon with these bad 80's ninja flicks because there is always going to be something laughable about them or a WTF moment.

Here are some posters of a few of my personal favorite Ninja headband 80's flim from this style of ninja movies or from Joseph Lai & Godfrey Ho that I say worth checking out if you're new to this genre.

That is just a few to name but there are more from this so just go dvd hunting and find those splice movie ninjas. LOL


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