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Disney has provided generations of children and adults alike with some of the greatest stories and greatest means of escapism the world has ever known and Square Enix built around a designers final attempt into the gaming industry that became a cultural phenomenon we all know it as final fantasy, it is among one of the most popular video game franchises in history and remains so even today, with its rich storytelling and unique characteristic namely airships and a dude called "Cid" in nearly every game. now at first glance with Disney’s family oriented style and Square Enix's overall darker tone but with the genius styles put together with the American and Japanese icon put together has made one of the greatest action RPG's of the PlayStation 2 era and after a generations of hearing nothing about the future of the franchise (at least on home consoles) it was finally revealed that a new entry is currently in development and fan boys the world over rejoiced, but to keep people interested new and exciting features need to be added but still keeping the overall charm, with E3 coming up and the announcment of kingdom hearts x for western release but on smartphones and now called kingdom hearts unchained x i think its the perfect time to talk about new features these are the 5 things I think must happen/include.

5. Getting to Play as More Characters

Throughout the series the only character you have been able to play as has been, Sora, with the spin offs occasionally allowing you to play as a different character from roxas, Ventus, Terra, Aqua and Riku. The last entry for the 3DS dream drop distance, allowed you to play as both Riku and Sora simultaneously, when the drop gauge emptied you would switch to the other character or you could choose from a save point. I see this working because Sora and his companions are looking for the seven guardians of light whereas somewhere else in the universe mickey mouse and Riku are looking for previous key blade wielders, with that there could be points where you switch between the two different groups allowing for a more open feel, as sometimes you think nothing is going on in the other worlds without our heroes present as by chance they always seem to walk into the plot of a film and as good as that is it seems quite like chance and with this they can show worlds are carrying on with different heroes and of course at different points in the game an opportunity to play as Kairi would merit a strangely large response from fans.

4. More Set Pieces

the first kingdom hearts was a masterpiece but even a masterpiece can have its faults and I found that there weren't many set pieces aside from cut scenes, whereas in the second kingdom hearts game, on occasion they would take the rest of your group away and leave you fighting by yourself, one situations which has stuck with me since the first time I played the game, the battle of a 1000 heartless, as you feel like this is a big moment (which it is) and everyone is separated (as they would be in the event of a big fight as to take down more enemies) it is one of the greatest pieces in the whole game and pieces like that need to make a more prominent appearance and judging on the trailer there may be a similar set piece taking place in twilight town.

3. More Original Worlds

Kingdom hearts is well known for basically being a game created by the makers of final fantasy that’s set in Disney worlds and has some final fantasy characters because they needed someone to fill the tutorial world. there are only around 3-4 original worlds in the universe and they are filled with original characters such as, Sora, Hayner, Pence, Kairi and Riku as well as many different final fantasy characters, I feel that they are underused in the universe and with more original worlds it would allow Tetsuya more freedom that the Disney world’s allow and gives us a little breath from the usual fighting with your favourite Disney characters. now that’s all well and good but occasionally you want to see a little more than the usual places, an original story in an original world would defiantly allow for an interesting change up in the formula.

2. More Party Banter

This is a slightly odd one I must admit, but one that needs addressing, the series doesn’t take many moments out to have a joke between the characters, probably because it was the PS2 era when things like that were common, as they came into effect more during the last generation. wouldn't you love to walk past a broken pole or something and hear a joke at Donald’s expense, I certainly would primarily because jokes at Donald’s expense always get the best reaction from Disney resident member of the anger management community. It should take the time out for a little humour which is always good for feeling more connected to the characters, kingdom hearts 2 took a step in the right direction for this and with kingdom hearts 3 on systems that are two generations ahead they have a real opportunity to go even further.

1. Sora and Kairi Have the Talk

This sounds slightly silly to be the number one spot but I’ll tell you why it was put here, since the first kingdom hearts these two characters have been shown to share a romantic bond and because of this it would seem that at some point with them being friends they may express their feeling to one another. The series has often hinted and played at the fact that will get together in the end and of course fans deal with this unsurely but if this is set to be the last game featuring Sora as a protagonist them it is time to give us the answers we seek, let them have to talk to decide whether or not the pure of heart and the guy who failed his mark of mastery exam after saving the world twice want to get together. I hope they do because after seeing the characters I think it would be a fitting end but only if Kairi gets more screen time as she was for the most part unconscious during kingdom hearts 1 and for kingdom hearts 2 didn’t get much time with Sora. Hopefully at least one of these things will come true otherwise I will be slightly disappointed but if that is the case there will probably be other new features I didn’t think of but the guy who’s actually in the industry did.

Here's the original release trailer with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on it as well


Do any of these features belong in Kingdom Hearts 3?


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