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Jurassic World is barely out and already it's already set a record for biggest opening weekend of all time, and we're hearing whispers of sequels! Chris Pratt says he's signed for more films with director Colin Trevorrow, Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios have all been involved.

If you haven't seen Jurassic World you need to go out right away and see it! It was surprisingly fun and extremely epic, but when I was walking out of the theater I couldn't think of how they'd possibly do sequels based off the I came up with 5 fun Jurassic World sequels that could expand the franchise into all new directions!

Minor Spoilers for Jurassic World Ahead!

Now Chris Pratt was wonderful in Jurassic World there's no question but the breakout character, for me, was Gray played by Ty Simpkins. This young actor has a great road ahead of him and hopefully we see this child star keep the path and turn into one of the great ones.
At the climax of the film during the final battle the I-Rex has been distracted from eating our main characters by the Velociraptors, and Tyrannosaurus who take it down when the Mossosaurus jumps out of the water and bites down on the genetically engineered creature to rescue everyone. The sad part about ole Mossy is that he's trapped in that tank, and now with the park evacuated and empty who's going to feed her? If dinosaurs are in any way similar to crocodiles or whales they can go quite a while without any food so Mossy could survive, but eventually she's going to die in that cage. Free Mossy would be about our upcoming star Simpkins as Gray coming back to the island attempting to free the dinosaur as a thank you for saving his life.

Owen and Claire were our two heroes in the re-birth of the franchise so of course there's some sexual tension between the two from the start. Somehow in movies the most dangerous situations people can be in makes them immediately want to make out with each other. If I was in mortal danger, if I was running from dinosaurs and they were killing people all around me, the last thing on my mind would be making out with a near stranger.
The Rom-Com Jurassic In Love would follow the two love birds as they try and find life and love outside of the now destroyed Jurassic World, and their struggle to see that outside of mortal danger they have absolutely nothing in common, but as they have their mandatory mid-movie breakup over a silly misunderstanding they'll end up together in the end with a montage wedding with the movies "B" characters all finding love with each other.

A film of isolation and self discovery
A film of isolation and self discovery

After the climactic final battle is finished the Tyrannosaurus and the last Velociraptor basically shake hands and go their separate ways. Unfortunately for the Raptor named "Blue" by Owen her three buddies were killed by the I-Rex so she's left the Lone Raptor on the island.
Lone Raptor follows Blue as she learns to become the lone independent survivor, out to find herself and the meaning of life. Maybe she'd make friends with an Anklyosaurus that's wounded and also alone as Blue finds meaning in this friendship.

Following the events of Jurassic World the victims of the Pterosaur attack take InGen and the park to court. In this courtroom drama we'll follow a family that was on vacation at the park at the time of the attacks, a family where not all of them made it out alive and none made it out without injury. We'd also get to see the many families that were victimized by this terrible accident as InGen attempts to recover from their, no doubt, complete downfall. What shareholder would stick with the company after the destruction of the park? After paying off all the families that were attacked, would there be money left for them to recreate themselves?

By the end of Jurassic World there seems to be an obvious direction that the franchise could possibly be heading -- taking the dinosaurs off the island. The new film had a side story that involved INGEN dappling in creating weaponized dinosaurs who are genetically tweaked so they can be trained to follow military orders. The Velociraptors and other larger carnivores that would be trained by the military would be more effective hunters and killers than small and weak humans.
Raptor Unit would follow a team of human soldiers that trained Velociraptors to help them on the war on terror. It would be a movie about a man and his pet where at first our main character would be hesitant that the Raptors are now involved in the war, he'd be distrusting until one saved his life and they created a bond between the two, only to have *SPOILER* the Raptor sacrifice himself in the end for the squad and we'd all cry at the full on military funeral for his pet.

So these suggestions are obviously just for fun, and the only one that could even remotely happen would be seeing dinosaurs become part of the military as discussed throughout Jurassic World, and we saw Dr. Wu sneak dino embroys off the island.

What would you like to see out of a Jurassic World sequel?


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