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Baldwin Collins

I believe so, starting with django unchained (2012). starring jamie foxx christoph waltz leonado dicaprio and samuel l. jackson. produced/directed by quentino tarantino, the movie was a commercial success, earning several film industry awards, five academy awards. which probably inspired tarantino to be currently working on western, ''the hateful eight'. with stars kurt russell and samuel l. jackson. The following year (2013) saw the introduction of another western, 'the lone ranger' starring johny depp as tonto the faithful indian sidekick of the legendary lone ranger played by armie hammer, the movie wasn't warmly welcomed by u s fans and harshly criticised for not being original.

Now theres news of a reboot version of 'the magnificent seven' the new version will see stars like denzel washington chris pratt Ethan hawke haley bennett vincent d' onofrio wagner moura jason momoa byung-hun lee however this new version was probably been inspired by hearing news that the original classic, was considered by the united states national film registry as a aesthetically significant film by the library of congress. the original version starred yul brynner eli wallach steve mcqueen and other hollywood great names. a movie made in (1960).

Do you agree or dis-agree that hollywood westerns are making a come back ? i would like to hear you're feedback.


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