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James Ball

Hey moviepiloters, here is my fan cast for a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie.

Will Yun Lee as Goku

Harry Shum Jr. as Gohan

Jason Douglas (Voice) as Beerus

Tilda Swinton as Whis

Hiroyuki Sandana as Vegeta

William Wang as Goten and Ryan Potter as Trunks

Steven Yeun as Krillin

Jean Malone as Android 18

Kristen Wiig as Bulma

Sung Kang as Yamcha and Daniel Henney as Tien

James Hong as Master Roshi and Brad Jackson (Voice) as Oolong

Michelle Yeoh as Chi-Chi

Sammo Hung as Ox-King

Josh Brolin as Hercule Satan

Chloe Bridges as Videl

Josh Martin (Voice) as Majin Buu

Naveen Andrews as Piccolo

Dav Patel as Dende

Brina Palencia (Voice) as Puar

Sean Schemmel (Voice) as King Kai

Chuck Huber (Voice) as Pilaf, Ziyi Zhang as Mai, and Christopher Cason (Voice) as Shu

Christopher Sabat (Voice) as Shenron


What do you think of my Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Fan Cast?


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