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To play the role of the Joker, it takes a completely different psychotic mindset to act like the crazy, and villainous clown. Some actors have worked to achieve that mindset such as Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Cesar Romero, and Cameron Monaghan on the big screen and on T.V.

Currently, there are two Jokers being portrayed on-screen right now; Jared Leto in "Suicide Squad" and Cameron Monaghan in "Gotham". Cameron has put an amazing, and dark performance not as the Joker yet, but as Jerome in episode 16 of Gotham, "The Blind Fortune Teller". Only leaked set photos and videos have been released of Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker, but from the looks of it Jared Leto is giving a different and more modern look at the Joker now. The Joker has been in and out of Arkham so many times, he's bound to get a few tattoos.

Well...which Joker is better? With all the leaked footage and set photos coming from the upcoming film "Suicide Squad", fans have already seen a first full look at the new Joker that will appearing on-screen. The Joker has already been introduced on the Fox's "Gotham" and made his full crazy appearance! From the laugh, to the looks, can Jared Leto compete with Cameron Monaghan when he makes his debut on the big screen next year?

The Look and The Personality!

Someone looks smiley!
Someone looks smiley!

Cameron Monaghan had to get his inspiration from somewhere to pull off the Joker's dark, insane, and jokey personality on-screen. In an interview with CBR News, Cameron Monaghan was asked:

How much inspiration did you draw from the comic books and past incarnations of the Joker for your turn as Jerome?

The Joker that Cameron is portraying on-screen is meant to be a younger version of the character, since "Gotham" is taking place when Bruce Wayne (Batman, and you should know that) was still young. Cameron responded to the interviewer's question by saying:

I turned pretty much exclusively to the comics. Basically, I got the role right before everyone went on winter break for two or three weeks, right before Christmastime. I was very thankful to have that time, because I got to really educate myself on the character. I read pretty much every comic I could get ahold of. There were the obvious ones, like "The Dark Knight Returns" or "The Killing Joke," and some older ones like "The Laughing Fish." I looked at pretty much every writer you can think of, from Grant Morrison to Brian Azzarello. I was trying to understand how the Joker is portrayed throughout the media.

The Joker that fans see on-screen right now is a bit more old school, since Cameron says that he got a lot of his inspiration from the comics. If you just take a look at the gif, that smile will give you the creeps! Cameron really puts up a great classic, and young portrayal of the Joker.

Here's one of Cameron Monaghan's great performances!

From the horror movie "Jamie Marks is Dead"!

That had to hurt!
That had to hurt!

Jared Leto is known to be a very intense actor when it comes to many of his roles. He will not only physically change himself for the character he is portraying, but completely change his mindset for the big screen. Very much like Heath Ledger, who was the last actor that did the role of the Joker in "The Dark Knight". Jared gained 67 pounds for the film, as he's trying to gain weight for the role, which is what Leto said in an interview a while back:

Do you mind if I eat a little?… I’m trying to gain a lot of weight. It means I have to eat every couple of hours — and I’m terrible at eating a lot.

Jared Leto received an enormous amount of hate when it was first announced that he was casted for the Joker. Later on, after the leaked set photos and footage were released from the upcoming film "Suicide Squad", fans began to enjoy Leto more, and more. Why did Jared Leto accept the part? Leto explains, it was the depth of this iconic character, and the graphic novels today which made him take the part. Leto thinks of the Joker as a "beautiful disaster":

The opportunity to take on this nearly Shakespearean character — that’s what graphic novels and comic books are becoming, right? [He’s] this beautiful disaster of a character — what a big challenge.

The actor puts a more modernized look at the Joker, as if he were alive today in this generation. That mostly explains all that tattoos and the grills the Joker will have on-screen. Jared has done many great performances in his acting career; this will be amazing to see how he pulls off the role on the big screen!

Great scene with Jared Leto in "American Psycho"!

This scene was all based around business cards!

The Laugh!

What's so funny?
What's so funny?

One of the things fans love the most about the Joker is his laugh! Many actors have perfected the Joker laugh, such as Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Hamill. Actors can't just laugh normally on-screen; that laugh requires that crazy mindset that actors even need for the whole role. The isn't just a jokey everyday regular laugh, it needs that crazy, and psychotic feel to it. In the same interview with CBR News, the continued to ask him:

How much practice did that Joker laugh require?

Of course, to achieve the Joker laugh it takes an enormous amount of practice. Cameron responded to the interviewers question by saying:

I'm surprised my neighbors didn't call the cops on me because I spent those weeks constantly laughing and staring at myself in the mirror. Even if I was driving in my car to get food or something, I was repeating the monologue. I allowed myself to be a crazy person.

In "Gotham" fans were delivered the laugh that can literally give you chills...

That really was an outstanding performance! The way he transitioned from an innocent boy, to a psychopathic serial killer is just completely insane! He really isn't will definitely be showing more of the Joker in the next season; and they may really go in depth with his origin. Fans will definitely hear some more laughing!

Is that a gun?!
Is that a gun?!

Fans still haven't officially hearth Joker laugh or the actual voice that may be on the big screen. Jared Leto though, has teased the voice multiple times at one of his concerts. Listen closely to the video down below as he tells that one fan to shut the #%@$ up! Kinda wondering what that fan did!

Now in the second video it's about to get really, really, really, CRAZY!

Back in 2009, in a film called "Mr.Nobody", Jared Leto did an amazing, and crazy performance in a deleted scene from the movie. Watch closely and see how he carries himself throughout the scene.

Jared Leto's laugh was just insane! The way he acted as if he doesn't even care at all, very much like the Joker. That's what made this scene so popular when it was first announced that he was casted for the role of the Joker in "Suicide Squad". This the closest fans will get to hear the Joker's laugh, until one day they decide to leak or release a video with audio of Jared Leto as the Joker on set; or at-least a sneak peek for the upcoming film.

Here's all the classic Joker laughs!

Which Joker laugh was the best one?

Which Joker will be better?

So many portrayals have been done of Mr. J on the big screen and on T.V! Right now, there are going two Jokers; one in the DC cinematic universe and one in Fox's "Gotham" universe. The Joker fans see in "Gotham" is really nothing but a younger version of the character, until Cameron Monaghan really put on a great performance as the psychopathic clown! Next year, there will be a new Joker coming to the big screen, and this Joker looks dark. Jared Leto is an amazing actor, and he will put up an awesome show for fans next year.

With "Gotham" possibly showing more, and more of the Joker in season 2, and "Suicide Squad" being released in 2016, which portrayal of the crazy, laughing clown will be the best one to watch?

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